All African Safari

The word “safari” is a Swahili word to mean an overland journey taken up by tourists to hunt big game, sightsee or hike, do photography of wildlife in different African destinations. So basically when one talks of a Safari to Africa what should come into your mind is experiencing the natural wonders, golden savannah grasslands, forests among others things, all you get is a true wilderness experience with lots of flora and fauna.


No matter where you go in Africa, especially the East and Southern parts of the continent you cannot miss out on the big game in diverse national parks. Landing your feet on the African soils introduces you to a totally new environment. From the large herds of elephants, the great predators like lions, leopards, and hyenas, massive herds of wildebeests which migrate annually from the Serengeti plains to the Maasai-Mara of Tanzania and Kenya respectively, not leaving out the endangered Mountain Gorillas found in the Virungas. The remaining population is found in three countries Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.

In Africa it’s where the golden savannah grasslands meet the mist tropical rainforests, the unearthly deserts meet the lakes, rivers and oceans. The authenticity of most African cultures comprised of interesting people, food, dressing, and history among other things leaves you mesmerized. You can also explore the beautiful Okavango delta found in Botswana, the magnificent Victoria Falls shared by Zambia and Zimbabwe, Namibia’s unique Sand dunes, the Cape Town of South Africa with lots of wonders; just to mention but a few.

All the destinations mentioned above don’t stand alone since various tourist activities can be done there like the game drives in a 4WD vehicle, nature walks, photography, hikes, boat and canoe cruises. Also those with passion about birding, Africa is a true birders haven. Those with interest in luxurious safaris, family, self-driven and honeymoon holidays are also catered for.

All you need to do is make your booking with us today? Even if all you want is a holiday at the beach; the coast and the islands such as Zanzibar, Mafia among others provide you with all you need and sports like snorkeling, scuba diving. Also other destinations like Seychelles and Mauritius have great beach resorts meaning a holiday spent there is worth your time and money.

Tanzania Safari -Ras Kutani

When travelling to Africa especially for game viewing, it’s advisable you travel during the dry season because in this time the vegetation is lesser so animals move to areas with lakes, rivers and waterholes hence they can be easily spotted at a closer range. Destinations in the southern part experience a dry season from May to October though during the wet season activities like sightseeing and bird watching are at their best. In East Africa, it is a bit complex and when to travel there is based on the kind of safari you are going for. For example countries like Kenya can be best visited from January to Late March but inorder to enjoy the Maasai-Mara migration you need to travel between the months of August to the end of October.

When to go to Africa-Wildebeest

All you need to carry for an African safari are comfortable clothes (both light and warm for the winter months), sandals, sun glasses, a hat, a pair of walking/hiking shoes, a water proof camera, long pants, and shorts.

As you plan your trip you need;

A yellow fever certificate, also ensure you have received vaccinations of hepatitis, typhoid, and cholera. Please note that malaria is common in most African destinations and hence you are advised to at least carry a general prescribed antibiotic from the doctor just in case you have an infection.

You also need insurance both travel and medical insurance. Ensure you have a valid passport and a Visa for destinations where it is required.

Bring with you the Visa or MasterCard or carry cash money though you are not advised to carry large sums of money for safety.

Concerning your dress code; ensure that you dress appropriately and decently and avoid too much jewelry.

Make copies of all the documents you have and lastly ensure that you have informed your family and friends about your trip, the dates and which destination you are going to. In addition, you can also register your detailed itinerary with the embassy.