When to go to Africa for Safari

Best time to travel and where to travel

As you plan your African Safari, it entirely depends on which destination you are interested in and its better you make enough research about where you want to have your life time experience from; you wouldn’t want to go for gorilla trekking during a wet season or head to watch the wildebeest migration and finding that the herds have moved on already!

Generally, most parts of Africa are sunny and warm throughout the year but some other countries or the regions with in receive different climatic types. Above all you need to differentiate are the wet and dry seasons and below is some information of country per country guiding you on how to best plan your African safari.


Is your interest in watching the Great migration of wildebeests? They can be witnessed in the northern national parks of the country; Ngorongoro and Serengeti. So probably it’s better to visit from February to March to observe Zebras and wildebeests calving and the predators are very many also.

From June to November still watching the migration is at its best both in the Serengeti and also in the Maasai-Mara of Kenya. During this same time, those interested in game viewing, nature walks can enjoy since this is Tanzania’s dry season and the best time to visit all national parks.

The wet seasons affect all national parks so much since the roads get washed away, animals disperse hence wildlife viewing, this is between March and May in the north and between November and May in the West and South of the country. Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro can be from January to March and from September to October.

When to go to Africa-Wildebeest

South Africa

Traveler’s planning a safari for game viewing in South Africa should travel from May-October especially in drier and hotter months or even at the end of the season.

The nature lovers and birders the summer wet season of December-March is the best time to visit since the sky is clear, vegetation is so lush and eye-catching, also during this time most animals give birth increase increased numbers of predators. Hence also can be a good time for game viewing.

South Africa


The unforgettable time to visit is when the wildebeests have migrated together with many numbers of predators on the Maasai-Mara plains and this is from the month of July-October.

Other parks also provide best game viewing sights and they can be visited during the dry seasons; January – March and July – October. During this time most wildlife is gathered at the water sources such as rivers, lakes, and waterholes.

Kenya-When to go


It is known for its favorable weather conditions for safaris and almost all national parks can be visited from June-September of December-March these are dry months and the best for game viewing.

In addition, most travelers visit Uganda inorder to track Mountain Gorillas, in most cases rain is expected throughout the year but specific months like March to April and October to November; the rains are high and hence during this time tracking gorillas is difficult, so dry season is advisable to.



It is better you plan your visit to Botswana between months June and September since the rain is little and most wild animals gather in the Okavango delta hence if you have a canoe trip it is most rewarding.

Please note a safari to Botswana is a bit expensive because most national parks are distant hence charter flights are to be used to get there, so if your heart’s desire is visiting the country’s most rewarding parks, nothing can stop you!

Okavango Delta-Botswana


Famously know for Etosha National Park which is home to thousands of wildlife and the best place to experience great safaris, can be visited from May to September (dry season) for game viewing. The birders can travel to Namibia between December and March which is summer.



Those planning to travel to Zimbabwe to experience its wildlife can travel in the months July through October. Those into white water rafting along River Zambezi can travel between August and December when the rapid are very fast and water is low.

The impressive Victoria Falls can be best viewed after the rainy season from March to April.


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