Kenya Safari

Wildlife Safari Experience in Kenya

Kenya is among the most revered destinations in Africa due to its immense landscapes and rich wildlife which are so incredible. Kenya is geographically located in East of Africa bordered by Indian Ocean to the South East, Uganda in the West, and Tanzania to the south, and this makes it one of the best destinations to spend a holiday at while in Africa.

This memorable African safari begins when you traverse through the sprawling plains of Maasai Mara National Park which carries a uniqueness of the Great Wildebeest Migration which occurs annually as thousands of wildlife including wildebeests, gazelles, and zebras among others move looking for water and pastures.

Kenya safari

A safari in Kenya is a thrilling and adventurous experience which takes you to different unspoiled places of endless savannah, rolling hills, mountains, amazing Samburu and Maasai culture plus their communities and watching wildlife closer than ever before while on game drives through game reserves and the vast national parks like the Maasai Mara, Hell’s gate National Park, Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Samburu National Reserve, Mount Kenya National Park among others.

When to visit

Kenya can be visited all year round though there are specific activities that can be best done at a particular time in the year. Its weather is just divided into seasons the dry and rainy seasons since it’s found on the Equator. The rainy seasons are two; short rains begin in November to December and longer heavy ones from March to May. The dry seasons are also two; from January to February-shortest and the longer season is from June to October.

Kenya Safari

Most areas receive a consistent temperature though to some places that vary in to elevation have varying temperatures such as it’s so hot at the coast than it is on most plateaus found in central Kenya, in the northern region it is both dry and hot, and areas like Mount Kenya have high temperature and it is also snowcapped throughout the year.

The great wildebeest migration can be best viewed from late June to October, because by this time they have migrated from Serengeti in Tanzania and are in the Maasai Mara. During that time of the year thousands of animals migrate such as wildebeests, zebras, antelopes among others and it is really a great time to watch them run away from the predators such as the lions and hungry crocodiles found in the Mara River. Above all between this time; tourists are advised to travel in August for better sightings of these animals.

For tourists into safaris generally such as viewing animals like the lions, leopards, elephants, antelopes, as well as birds on a game drive the best time would be the dry season; between January and February or between June and October; this works for all the other national parks in Kenya.

Kenya safari

Also during the short rainy season you can visit though tourists are fewer; in this time birds can be well spotted also the vegetation is greener and eye-catching. While on safari a comfortable 4WD vehicle with a pop-up roof is recommended also ensure that you have a very good camera for taking your photographs.

The climbing of Mount Kenya can be done well during the dry season, in fact it’s safer to do so during that time. The months of January, February and September qualify to be the most and best reliable months. The days are sunny and clear with chilly cold nights especially on higher elevations. Endeavor to wear study hiking shoes, warm jackets, carry light back packs, trousers, enough water and snacks. Follow your guide as you hike!

The coast is a great area to visit while on a holiday in Kenya, also be advised that the weather conditions at the cost are humid and hot all year round. Please note that even during the dry season some rain can be received. Between March and May rainfall and humidity are at the worst; also January to February are the hottest months at the coast, there is also availability of cool coastal breezes somehow make the weather bearable by tourists.

Kenya Safari

Passport/Visa/Health Requirements

Visitors are required to have a valid passport in order to enter Kenya. Also a visa is required and this can be obtained upon entry at the airport; but it in cases of saving time you are advised to book and get one in advance either from the embassy or online. Also ensure the passport has at least 2 blank spaces and its expiration date still has some time at least 6 months after the date you plan to travel.

A yellow fever certificate that proves you were immunized against yellow fever is a must t it and remember it is very possible to deny you entry if you don’t have one.




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