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A safari in Namibia is one of its own as one will experience all included activities in his itinerary in this huge but sparsely populated country which is gifted with rich cultures, big numbers of wildlife, incomparable sand dunes found in the Namib Desert, amazing ever open big skies and above all a breathtaking scenery.

Namibia is a Southern African nation lying between the Atlantic Ocean and the Kalahari Desert, its common destinations are the Damaraland which is where lots of geographical and historical attractions plus huge wildlife numbers are found, the Skeleton Coast which is among the most beautiful areas with great scenery; there are also shipwrecks and whale bones scattered all over.

Namibia safari

Visitors interested in game viewing an never get disappointed since there is Etosha National Park also among Africa’s greatest parks with over 114 mammal species such as elephants, leopards, lions, rhinos, hyenas, cheetahs and about 340 species of birds like secretary birds, blue cranes, ostriches. Basically it is a great place to spot lots of predators feeding on prey. Also the Caprivi Strip which is made up of various attractions like cultures, rivers, Mahango game reserve with lots of wildlife and a birder’s spot among others; it can be accessed by cruising along water on a house boat or a sundowner, it’s a great experience!

Etosha NP

There is no need to worry about the accessibility of the tourist destinations as the infrastructures are really accessible and safe hence also travelers interested in having self-driven safaris can do them to. Couples, families, single travelers and those on honey moon; a Namibian safari would do them good as there is availability of all services needed to cater for them also the exclusive and luxurious accommodation is well located in safe areas that are so natural and authentic.

Do not judge Namibia by your first sights because you could miss out on your unforgettable experience. Some attractions where mentioned above; to add on to that: the most part of the country is covered by the desert but therein is plenty of interesting and accessible tourist attractions that are scattered all over the country like the friendly towns, fascinating scenery and wildlife-filled reserves. Other areas are the Namib Desert, Sossusvlei, Kaokoland, Fish River Canyon, Kalahari Desert, and Swakopmund among others.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Etosha National park is during the dry May to the winter season through October, during this time the skies are very clear, animal concentration is higher, and the malaria risk is at its lowest, Sossusvlei sand dunes can be visited all year round. Also note that there are freezing night time temperatures especially in the months June and July but interestingly the September and October nights are extremely hot.

From November through to April the summer rains begin to fall and this time there are occasional floods in the desert and the country is green. The month of December also is a rewarding time to game viewers in Etosha National Park. Those into bird watching can visit Namibia during the summer especially in the Caprivi Strip also currently known as the Zambezi region; during this time take care because malaria rates increase slightly.

Getting there & Flights

The major Airport is Hosea Kutako International Airport found in Windhoek; the capital of Namibia from this airport you can board charter flights for a transfer to another airport or airstrip.

There is also another airport called the Walvis Bay Airport situated east of Walvis Bay just 15km away. Its location makes it very easy for travelers to access the Skeleton Coast and Swakopmund.

Also other transfers can be done on road including the game drives in the National parks and a 4X4 vehicle with a pop-up roof is recommended.

Travel advice

Visa and Passport Requirements; everyone entering Namibia should possess a Passport valid at least six months in advance however those from countries like UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Australia, Canada, japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and New Zealand are not required to have visas.

The travelers from other countries are advised to check concerning the visa requirements with their nearest Namibian Consulate.

Money and Expenditure; the Namibian Dollar which is the country’s National Currency and the Rand; South Africa’s currency can also be used in markets, shops, hotels, lodges, and restaurants around the country, kindly note that in the Republic of South Africa the use of this Namibian Dollar is not allowed.

Master card and Visa credit cards are accepted everywhere in Namibia though the card holders should ensure their cards are acceptable. Those on self-drive safari should not use credit cards at the petrol stations since they are not accepted.

Concerning banking; banks open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 3:30pm and over the weekend they open on Saturdays 8am to 11am.

What to Pack

Opt for cotton and cool fabrics, in neutral colors since most of the temperatures vary basing on which region you are in but general the days are always hot and  nights are chilly. In case of morning and evening game drives ensure to wear jackets, those in for hiking or nature walks endeavor to have boots/sturdy shoes.




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